I'm glad other people have done takes on this concept.

Here is my current project: https://msgbored.rvklein.ca/

What are you working on, /prog/?

  • Thank you for sharing. I looked at it a while ago, but it seems to be down now.
    I'm working on a programming-based visual novel.

  • >programming-based visual novel
    Reminds me of those attempts by /g/ and then /tech/ that never took off. I hope you use this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vn-canvas/.

  • >>15
    Yes, it may never take off. I'm okay with that though. Just working on something helps me.
    Without giving too much away (if I give too much away, then I might just stop working on it), this visual novel will be about such a programming language that makes sense for the whole visual novel to be programmed in that language. vn-canvas looks cool, though.

  • Does this mean that you're in the process of creating and implementing your own programming language that you're then going to use to program the visual novel in, or is it simply that the visual novel is going to somehow be /about/ the programming language? I've always thought that a visual novel or something similar would be a really cool project to work on, although I'd need somebody else to create the art and the story for it.

  • Looks like it's dead!


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