I'm glad other people have done takes on this concept.

Here is my current project: https://msgbored.rvklein.ca/

What are you working on, /prog/?

  • Thank you for sharing. I looked at it a while ago, but it seems to be down now.
    I'm working on a programming-based visual novel.

  • >programming-based visual novel
    Reminds me of those attempts by /g/ and then /tech/ that never took off. I hope you use this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vn-canvas/.

  • >>15
    Yes, it may never take off. I'm okay with that though. Just working on something helps me.
    Without giving too much away (if I give too much away, then I might just stop working on it), this visual novel will be about such a programming language that makes sense for the whole visual novel to be programmed in that language. vn-canvas looks cool, though.


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