1. Be nice to others.
  2. Do not post or link to content that is illegal in Canada or the United States of America.
  3. Keep this website “Safe for Work” and do not post or link to content that is “Not Safe for Work”, including but not limited to pornography of any kind, extreme violence, and illegal activity.
  4. Do not associate yourself with any kind of name or otherwise identifying imagery.
  5. Do not post or link to information that can personally identify any poster in real life or in other online communities, including yourself.
  6. Always try to post quality submissions. Do not post low-effort jokes, memetic phrases, repeated phrases, one-word submissions, or anything otherwise obviously unconstructive or useless. Naturally, this includes spam.
  7. Abusing the post formatting system to stylize your posts counts as spam.
  8. Keep submissions relevant to the topic of each board.
  9. Do not discuss the community of any other website, including but not limited to 4chan, Reddit, Hacker News, and Tumblr. Linking to content on these websites, other than for the sole purpose of talking about the users there, is otherwise fine.
  10. Do not post or link to anything that is intended to sell to, recruit, or otherwise accrue financial gain from other posters. However, linking to websites with advertisements is fine, as long as you leave a disclaimer.
  11. Do not speak on behalf of The Transient Textboard.