Do you have archives?

No. That’s why this is called The Transient Textboard.

How can I format my posts?

The Transient Textboard uses a custom, extremely simple Markdown-like language to render posts. Features:

  • Hit enter once to create a line break; hit enter twice to create separate paragraphs. Subsequent line breaks are ignored.
  • Write code enclosed in a pair of triple tick marks. The triples must be on their own lines, and output is in block format. There is no option for inline code. There is no option for code highlighting.
  • Math formatting is supported with MathJax. Enable inline math formatting with text enclosed in a pair of triple percentage signs. The triples must be on their own lines. Inline math within the percentage signs must be delimited with a pair of dollar signs or the slash-paren syntax. There is no option for display math.

That’s all.

Why don’t you use the full Markdown specification?

John Gruber created Markdown to write documents, not discussions. If your post does not hold up without additional formatting requirements, perhaps it is not as useful as you think.

Why don’t you have x feature from 4chan?

The Transient Textboard is not, and was never intended to be, a copy of 4chan. Contrary to popular belief, 4chan is not the only kind of imageboard that exists. In fact, discussing 4chan on this textboard can be a violation of the rules.

Can you add x feature from 4chan?

I don’t know, can I? (I can, but I probably won’t.)

Why does this exist?

Why do you exist?