I recently had to use Lua for a project. I thought I was going to hate it, but I don't. It's actually really nice, in a way.

  • ...ah, yeah?
    I mean, there are a lot of nuisances with it, but at least it's not a whitespace language like Python.
    If there's one thing that Lua did better than any other, it's the human-readable syntax.

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    Yes. The one problem with it was that there is no scoping by default.
    You have to prepend everything with `local` to get scoping.
    At least you *have* scoping compared to Python.
    But it is annoying.

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    I think globals by default is Luas only real wart. A lot of the other things people complain about only because they are different, calling them nuisances is understandable, but they aren't /bad/, especially in the context of who and what Lua is designed for.

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    Yeah, Lua is also blazing fast, much faster than other scripting languages. Plus it has a based community, which means, no CoCs!! \0/

  • Indices starting at 1 has been an annoyance to me as well. Although it is a pretty superficial nuisance.

  • I usually stick with iterables, rarely needing to access indices except for debugging.

    for i in array do
  • >>21 Iterating has been fine, it only becomes relevant for me when implementing mathematical operations like multiplying matrices.

  • >>22
    Well, there is probably no way to scape the 1-based index in this case.

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    What was the project?

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    It was a game. I used LOVE:

  • That is a very powerfull framework, had not seen it before.


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