poetry thread, again

The Drug War

A nation's greatness can crumble
If a single soldier fails to fulfill his duty.
A man does not live for himself alone,
But for all of humanity.

My politics are simple:
How you spend your money,
What you see with your eyes,
What you hear with your ears,
What you do with your hands,
And where you go with your feet.

I believe that commerce unites us all,
And that wealth is malignant if it is not used for the common good.
I believe that personal property is a natural right,
And that liberty is best practiced with dignity and respect.

No man should transgress against another,
For this is the Non-Aggression Principle.
My politics are that all men are created equal,
And that we are all brothers under the stars.

This is not a pretty picture,
But there is hope for us all.
We must work together to create a better world,
For we are all connected.


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