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  • the bugs were wiped out at the last place, costing a fortune in insecticides and treatments. the bus has them. poor people who are uneffected by their bites so much will have places where they drip from the ceilings and live in every crevice. they bring them on the bus. there's no way to keep them off, so the seats are fizzing with life. you have to sit away from the wall with your socks up, elbows not touching the seats, and even then they'll crawl into the collar of your shirt, or hitch hike.

    my sweet dear eliza jane stopped by. my idiot friends brought them over, let me see, want to say six times. eliza had to help some one earlier. they left some friends in her car. after our brief date, i spotted a full grown sixth instar crawling on my clothes. they have this funny dawdling little gait, like the background music on the arcade game milipede beat the drum for the crazy meandering march. I crushed it, hoping it didn't lay eggs. breakfast lunch and dinner on my calf. another fifty dollars worth of insecticide blasted in every pore of the abode, up until three am, i can feel them everywhere.

    reading about exotic filesystems and how base processes interact with the machinery like the cellular microcosm zipping up proteins. i decide to take a quick bath. it's been a long day, and it's not even started.

    the other night king kong bundy stopped by. we sat on the hill in the light of the waning gibbous, staring at the stars, counting sattelites and planetary drift. his family has them. they're too poor to persue serious treatment. we're all fairly morose about it, but in the light of the stars it's hard to think about anything so near.

    the mosquitos set in, thick.

    he stays outside and goes home, a little embarassed.

    the file systems are so complex all i get is the bare naked poetry of what's real, just barely. then the bath. is that a mosquito bite, aching me? surely.



  • No, there it is. That alert, that zing, the alarm.

    There's no welt. Oh no. We wait a few minutes, cleaning ourselves. No, there's the welt. Time to get the epi-pen. Just in time, won't leave one of those horrible bruises.

    Ok. Time for action. Where were we? What position was our body in? How were placed in the furniture? Where are the crevices? Another fifty dirty dollars I don't have on all the latest.

    Four hours of cleaning, silicosis shrapnel everywhere, in and on everything, bathed everything else in liquid death. whole house so full of fumes and dust that i'm light headed. the neighbor's blue roses are in bloom. I can feel my pulse, and the cone of silence is upon me. Act, act, act. Best the pest.

    My poor everything, everywhere, always. My God, it's getting bad out here.

    Do I throw out the seat I was on? Do I just go live in a ditch? This is getting insane out here. Everyone I know has them. The library has them, the movies have them, the transit has them, my sweet eliza jane apparently had them from helping some poor idiot fizzing with them move. Then now her car is living with my suffering. Now the whole living room is a war zone out of some sort of psychic hell.

    the powder in my nose has cut me. breathed in a ton of it even with a mask. my nose is bleeding from it. i blow out dusty blood boogers and sigh in exhaustion.

    here. here. here. here. Eliza, darling, it's not your fault. King kong, yours either. Mike and Ike, I love what you do, but you're about to throw in the towel over there. They're in the ventilation, and nothing so far has even given you a toe hold.

  • i never knew it would be like this.
    i hear the old folk's home have them bad.
    i know a few other places i've been had them. i saw on on the kitchen table, first instar, plump with bright red meal.

    I don't understand the will the put these here, you could call it what you will.

    They're in the hospital, at the library. I see my visionary mathematician. Swear to you "something bit my neck! a spider?"

    and it's gone? and there's no spider? These are the perfect organism, and I am an excuse for their danse macabre.

    I never knew. I never knew it could be like this.

  • As long as I can think, I will always love you very much.

  • they put
    they used the math to put
    they put some tits on a dinosaur

    she swings them back
    she swings them forth

    why momma did you tits on the dino-saaawwwrrrrr


  • john jacobs, i love you true blue
    we ran the wild summer nights
    of wasted pointless youth
    the guitars of the mullets
    drawing us near
    then around again
    you would be furious
    that me and her were stoned again
    but didn't mind my ride
    for a little bit of a
    damned good time.

    you would get mad enough
    to throw us under the wheels
    of a semi truck

    mad enough you didn't give a fuck

    but here we are, looking like
    opposite january version of each other
    and you don't talk
    like we once were brothers

    certain kind of bitter spice,
    and i love you so

    you have a heart like a lion
    you have a soul like a jewel
    you have a mind like a grilled cheese sandwich
    and i hate what we've become
    and i will always love you.

  • take that you fucking no good bb motherfuckers
    you like my fucking delicious goddamn blood?
    i like your delicious permanent deletion you stupid motherfuckers
    this aint no goddamn mcdonalds
    you aint got no goddamn recognizable motherfuckin' food stamp card do you you fucking fraggle ass motherfuckers
    you're fucked now you goddamn cunts i've fucked you good this time
    i dusted this whole motherfucker in
    goddamn another one got me
    i dusted this whole motherfucker in a mother-goddamn-fuckin' snowstorm of little bitty shards of razor sharp glass for you stupid bastards to slice your fuckin exoskeletons and waxy cuticles (FUCK YOU) up to shit with
    then i fuckin nuked the goddamn couch to the sidewalk where some unfortunate, woefully, unfortunate mexican family picked you bastards up for a little fuckin' hispanic cuisine
    well you lucky little cuntsuppers are left here in a terroristic bb nightmare from hell
    because now with everything coated in pure bb razorwire
    im bombing this bitch with pyrethenoids and sexy ass piperonal butoxide (can i roll off of that?) and now you motherfucking stupid dumbass motherfucking retards with your stupid ass fucking unstoppable genome of misery and destruction- now you're be shitting somewhere else you stupid fucking assholes. now you'll be shitting in hell eating the sulfurous shit of the devil forever because god damn you i have had enough.



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