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Well, there is room at the table for 4D, I suppose? I have to admit that I understand your concerns, what little I am able to discern of them, and I appreciate your hard work if anyone does. I am your hard work.

cheap lies. i guess either one of us would have something, or a lot of nothing, to say about that. i'm so thick skinned that I hardly even notice what is happening to me.

I want to say that I do love you very much, and that I'm terribly sorry for the way I am.

Different things happen to different people the same. While I do not have, say, cancer, I suppose that it's hard just to shrug it off as if it were snake skin to convenience you. If I could, I would. It's cruel, and real, and unreal, and just most days way too real, living as a shifting patch of shade in all these uhm, prismatic chains of what surely isn't light. That's how I feel, the same man stepping into the same river, but so accelerated. It's nothing much to me.

I try not to be too sour about it. Where do you come from? What was your child psychology? I guess that's on file too, somewhere.

I would carry your cross if I could, but I'm struggling with my own. I guess I'll have to try. I guess love is not a burden.

In the end, the way I look at it is that there is not much good that comes out of some days. right now I am trying to be a little more or less farsighted and have an appreciation for the little baby steps. My basics are pretty dynamic in their shifting, so, we do what we can do we, and want for more than is possible.

I don't really worry about certain people too much anymore. They don't worry about me too much, either.

Genetics does not apply here. I'm looking at it through a different lens these days, and I see that it's more or less not a good thing for good people. I heard it said "grist for the mill," so as to make the bread of God? Who knows. My insights into the metaphysical are pretty bizarre, and not entirely accurate sometimes.

  • a lot to say, but if you want a bad time and a worse places, this is it.

  • to feed on the bread of tears.

  • i have a lot of things i wish i could just walk away from. years and years.

  • "The jeans women went on to hurt me too."

    When things go wrong, wrong with you, it hurts me too.


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