Board Software?

This site is pretty cool. What software does it use?

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    It uses its own custom css iirc

  • I would also [i]like[/i] to know

  • Runs on coffee

    How this IT specialist turned his lockdown hobby into a local business
    TNB cafe. Source: Supplied
    Mark Mariano
    JUL 19, 2022
    Adrian Duquilla bares all at The Naked Barista - a new Instagram-friendly cafe in Sydney's west. No nudity though, we promise.

    It wasn’t uncommon to develop a foodie hobby during lockdown. For some, it was baking sourdough. For me, it was air fryer recipes. For IT specialist and photographer Adrian Duquilla, it was latte art that got him through those dreary, uncertain days.

    “When lockdown first happened, we couldn’t go to our favourite cafe anymore. We were missing out on cafe-quality coffee. I can’t start my morning without coffee, and pods just weren’t the same.” So Duquilla bought his first coffee machine in 2020, and built his own cafe set up at home.

    A jack-of-all-trades, the digital creator filmed his latte art adventures and shared them to social media. Over time, The Naked Barista amassed a following of over 50,000 on Instagram, with brands soon sponsoring content.

    “I wanted a catchy name,” he admits. “But in terms of meaning, it’s about being real. No gimmicks, full transparency, not hiding anything.” Duquilla built his brand by baring it all from the very beginning, starting with how he recreated barista-style coffee at home.

    It was clear Duquilla wasn’t the only one who missed the barista coffee cafe experience, and he wanted to do something for this market.

    “Working from home gave back a lot of time.” Duquilla confesses. He was able to juggle his IT job, his freelance work, and this new coffee pursuit in all his spare time.


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