Are there good analog mechanical keyboards

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  • Depends on what you mean by good....
    Pretty much the only commercial one is the Wooting which seems to be fine as a gamer keyboard if that's the kind of thing you need. There may be others but they're pretty all gamer brands, so there's not much an enthusiast would talk about on those (stabilizers and case are bad, etc...)
    If we could get custom parts for making analog keyboards perhaps we'd have more options.
    There were analog keyboards in the past of varying quality but they don't get talked about as much.

  • Have you ever thought about typing on a typewriter converted to USB?

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    When people say analog they do usually mean the kind meant for gaming. But I guess a typewriter is as "analog" as it gets. I have never really seriously typed anything on a typewriter before, but I hear from people older than me that they tend to be a bit sticky and slow, and just generally not great to type on. That might be because they were using cheaper kinds, though.

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    There's a whole technique to typewriters that makes it completely different from typing on a computer keyboard. The hand motion is all top-down with relatively little finger work.


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