I used to have a lot of builds planned. I wanted to perfect every aspect of my keyboards. Switch sound, key-cap feeling, et cetera. I joined a GB that's been going on for over two years now.
In the meantime I have been using my trusty Model M. I have five other keyboards ranging from stock to kind of custom and they've all started breaking down, little by little, so that this is the only functioning one left.
Oh, that and a Leopold FC660C.
Although I don't think I could ever go back to "normal" keyboards or even "normal" mechanical keyboards - maybe some of the magic has worn off in these two years' time?
I now think "good enough" will be OK. It's still leagues better than a plain laptop or rubber dome keyboard. And still miles ahead of gamer keyboards with cherry switches.

  • How much do you type that they've all started breaking down unless they were vintage?

  • >>28
    It wasn't so much caused by typing a lot but moreso by not treating them well. The easiest part to break is often the USB port. Also stabiliziers, if they're being transported without keycaps on. I had to move them around a lot.

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    What a shame. I wonder how far along the options for transporting keyboards are. I mean you have people treating them like their baby, using them over/on their laptops. Have you ever tried BTC domes with sliders?

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    Yeah, it's a shame. Fortunately it's not impossible to fix if you know how to solder a bit (though replacing the stabilizers can sometimes require the whole board to be desoldered, at which point I'd rather replace the whole keyboard).
    I have not tried BTC domes with sliders. I do have an AEKII with dampened cream Alps, though. These are unfortunately not very pleasant.

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