Hey guys! What's your favourite mechanical keyboard?

I just want to know what's all y'all's fave keyboards.

  • My favourite is my Iris.

  • I like the IBM Model M.

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    That's the patrician's choice.

  • Does anyone here know how to build a typewriter?

  • Hard to pick a favourite. I really like this keyboard. It makes me want to type more things. That's why I'm here.
    Now I'm sad thinking about a day when keyboards might go away. Do you think it's going to happen?

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    I don't believe so. They will probably become more unpopular. They already seem to be declining in popularity. But nothing beats a keyboard in terms of speed and productivity. It is possible to type fairly fast on a touchscreen but it doesn't come close to the fastest keyboard typing speed. And professionals in all areas still prefer to use key-bindings for their programs rather than clicking.
    Maybe in a foreign, distant future when *text* is no longer a thing and we communicate via telepathic ideas will keyboards finally be come obsolete, but I don't think that's a thing that you and I need to worry about.

  • The DataHand.

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    I think mechanicals will get more and more popular unless swipe keyboards happen on desktop too. Most gamers are aware that they exist. But they'll probably get worse in quality.

    Unless you want one of the fashionable models or a really old one, you can get an electric one for dirt cheap. You don't want a fully mechanical one as they're very different to type on than computer keyboards.

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    Agreed, I believe mechanicals are slowly becoming more popular as video games and the concept of being a "gamer" are still seem to be climbing in popularity. Plus there's the fact that now we have affordable/cheap Chinese mechanical keyboards.
    However, in regards to the concept of all keyboards, not just mechanical ones, declining in popularity, I'm seeing there are some younger non-gamer people who actually prefer typing on a phone screen to using their laptops. I have a much younger sister who keeps typing up essays on her phone.


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