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where do i start with anime? movies? series? i've seen grave of fire flies and akira, but nothing special. boost me up.

  • Watch anime and then form opinions if you like it or not. Then look up director and the studio. Google those two things. Pick new movies and TV shows.

  • op here. i like that animation style, but a lot of these things- like dragonball, are like 5 minutes of story development and 25 minutes of absolutely nothing happening at all. i don't want to be whacked off like that. I want action. Tell me a story. Show me something amazing.

    Can you suggest somewhere to start?

  • >Can you suggest somewhere to start?

    Watch movies. These are usually short and sharp. As you are new to the scene, try not to pigeon-hole yourself yet.

    Anyhow there's:
    Nausicaä by studio Ghibli
    Paprika by director Satoshi Kon
    Summer Wars by director Mamoru Hosoda
    Totoro by studio Ghibli

    Alternativelyt google " standalone anime movie " and check those out.

  • Thanks anon

  • I recommend watching Psycho-Pass, Steins;Gate, Mirai Nikki, and Koi Kaze.

  • read dog nigga

  • Play jap games & draw jap art


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