What are you watching these days?

I haven't been watching anything

  • Never been a fan of low quality harem shit/isekai but I recently gave in and watched Zero (the 2006 one). And yeah, it's exactly what I expected. Shallow storyline, mediocre animation, template characters, bland art style. And to think that this "genre" only grew over the years is saddening. I really hate how so many tropes are deemed necessary today and many shows seem awfully formulaic.
    Even Goblin Slayer for example has the harem trope (i.e. all cute females being interested in the MC despite him having almost no redeeming qualities) for SOME reason even though its premise, world and animation should be enough to warrant viewers/readers. But yeah, apparently the usual anime fan can't consume the medium without tits and sex on their mind 24/7. Yeah yeah, I know, it's basically me saying "Stop liking what I don't" but I don't care. I think many shows would be better off without fanservice.
    Sorry for that rant. Makes me sound like I hate the medium but I still like stuff even with the cheap tropes, it's just that I would like it even more without them because they feel like a cheap appeal.

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    I feel the same. It's the only medium I actually bother watching. So ironically, as a result I have many negative things to say.

  • Well, the industry has developed in a certain direction over the past decades and many things have changed; we have many more titles each and every season now, even though most of what airs is complete garbage, whereas previously there would be only a handful of shows each season, those would, for the most part, be of very high quality. But back then the anime studios had a lot more money to spent, things were less restrictive, and people would buy OVAs on video cassettes and such. Nowadays the medium has grown to be extremely shallow, in part due to the fact that it now needs to cater to a much wider (including Western) audience. But the good thing is that there are a lot a older shows that I still haven't watched or do not mind re-watching, so that's fine by me. But yeah, anime is dying, or so it seems to me.

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    This might be an obvious/condescending thing to say, but just ignore things you don't like. Sure it's annoying but its good anime has the freedom to do stuff like this.
    I also imagine media as expensive as animation definitely needs to be pandering to the lowest common denominator for a studio to make the profit.

  • Kumoko the spider isekai

  • Jahy ~ demon girl with 2 forms stuck in modern day Japan
    Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu ~ anime about a vampire cosmonaut

  • Nothing new, trying to find time for the last cour of Gintama, but I'm putting that off even as I type. There's a new Aria movie in December I think, so I'll watch that.

    I lost my motivation to watch Jahy for 23 minutes at a time so I'm just gonna keep reading it. It's better in smaller doses anyway. The funniest part to me is that the creator made the smug loli and main fanservice girl the same person.

  • Komi Can't Communicate ~ romance-comedy about an average schoolboy helping the pretty girl overcoming her social anxiety

  • OVERLORD season 4


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