Intel Management Engine code leaked

> Five Intel Microcode (uCode) Sequencer's arrays for Atom Goldmont core named according to our guesses:

> ms_rom.txt - the first array of Microcode Sequencer, with triads of 48 bits micro-operations of the Intel Small Core

> ms_irom.txt - the second read-only array which we think contains immediate used in msrom

> ms_patch_imm.txt - immediates for ucode patch from patch RAM

> ms_match_patch.txt - dump of 31 bits match/patch registers pairs. They refer directly to msrom with 0-15 bits of match register and 16-30 bits of patch register shifted right by one bit

> ms_patch_ram.txt - extracted content of MS Patch RAM. It contains uops divided into four groups (1st is all first uops from each triad, 2nd - all second uops and so on). This data combined into triads can be found in msrom at 0x7c00 UIP

  • probably full of backdoors.

  • >>47
    Yeah, there had been speculations about the whole Meltdown vulnerability for years before it hit mainstream media. Really makes one wonder what they are up to these days.


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