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> Syphon
> a privacy centric matrix client

  • > prowser - a web browser with privacy and speed in mind
    > I think we need a new web browser which pledges to approach the web problem on the grounds of simplicity, stability, performance, and security, and declares a subset of the web standards as blessed and implements only those. I wouldn't invite JavaScript.

  • >>34
    >be an alternative to chromium and firefox. and still be usable by normal users (no cli browser)
    These are noble goals, but I don't think a no-JS browser can ever be usable by normal users.

  • >>35
    Let's see what the developer will do. Maybe he came up with some kind of compatibility layer.

  • Pi-Hole, it's a server which blocks advertisement at the network level. Can be used as a DNS too.

  • >>39 I have heard of this, it looks really good. Is there ever an issue where blocking an ad network prevents a website or application from working? It looks like there is a white/black list feature but would it be hard to identify which domains need to be whitelisted?

  • >>40
    Not that I know about. It prevents ads packets from reaching hosts within your LAN, but doesn't prevent web servers from sending these packets, so they have no way to know that their content is not being shown.

  • I don't think that writing a new Web browser, no matter how well written and privacy-centered and whatnot it may be, isn't going to help much with fixing the problems with the Web. I think that the Web as a whole needs to change, or better yet, simply return to what it used to be some twenty years ago: no scripts, no cookies, and, most importantly: decentralized. Or better yet, we may need to abandon the Web altogether and move on to something different that is centered around the concepts of simplicity and decentralization.


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