Buying things from Japan

Anyone have experience with different forwarding services to get things from Japan?
I have used Tenso, and it's been reliable but it is a bit expensive.

  • I used to have a guy. He was the best.

  • My quick guide to forwarders/proxy services:

    - Tenso is reliable, but a bit expensive for forwarding. For some retailers you may experience phone number or address blacklisting. Buyee (affiliated with Tenso) is great for auction sites, e.g. Yahoo Auctions, Mercari.
    - BigInJapan is dirt cheap and offers barebones forwarding, but if anything goes wrong you will not be able to reach someone for support. To my recollection it's also forced EMS, which is a problem right now. Avoid for proxy service.
    - Goody-Japan is my longtime go-to for proxy service. They aren't the cheapest, probably something of a middle ground, but they are quick on support and are willing to keep packages in their warehouse for longer so you can consolidate on international shipping. They've also added pretty good auction site support.

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    What happened? Did he leave Japan?

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    yes, sadly...


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