How I Got my Japanese Permanent Residency

not me, obviously

  • Not planning on becoming a PR but I'm thinking about staying in Japan for a year on a working holiday visa after graduating.
    (if COVID is going to continue for a while after I graduate I can wait a couple of years, no problem, but ideally I'd like to go immediately
    as I'm going to graduate in 2023 or 2024 it should be fine)
    I think I can save at least 40k CAD from internships.
    I have never done anything like this before and might back down, knowing myself.

  • Oh great, another guide that'll help disgusting Japan-obsessed creeps invade the country and ruin its culture. You purist weirdos do realize infecting Japan with foreign culture no longer makes it a "foreign paradise", right? It's going to be another shithole like every romanticized European country is in the current year

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    An aspect of Japan that I think makes it hard for their culture to be ruined is their xenophobia and close-knit culture. Anyone who goes to Japan and does not try to assimilate will not be very welcomed into society, but in Europe, many do not bother to assimilate, or even learn about the culture, and just bring their culture with them completely ignoring the country they are going to. Also, many of the people going to Japan are going their because they want to and already have an interest in the culture there, meaning most of the immigrants to Japan will likely be well-versed and actually give a shit about the culture. As far as I know, many of the immigrants to Europe are either refugees, or are going there for better opportunities. These two groups of people will care a lot less about the country they are going to and more about their own survival, while the type of immigrants that come to Japan largely care about experiencing Japanese culture. Simply immigrating to place does not infect it with foreign culture, and the very fact that so many immigrants to Japan view it as a "foreign paradise" is one of the things that keeps its culture from being ruined.

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    I don't think Japan-obsessed creeps will stay that way if they manage to get permanent residency. It took 7 years for this guy. Probably the foreign paradise wonder would wear off by then.

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    There's no need to concern troll. If the Japanese are overly permissive and can't get their shit together, then they deserve it but I doubt it.

  • Japan is a horrible place to live. It’s best that you just vacation there and get out with great memories.

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    Japan is like a different planet like in those Star Trek: TOS episodes...


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